Jesus Christ King of the Universe

«All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.»

On December 11, 1925, with pope Pius xi encyclical "Quas Primas," came the declaration of the Feast of Christ the King. Along with it, the Pope provided the reaffirmation of Jesus's place in the lives of people, societies, and nations; and also warned of the tragic effects for nations which have allowed the dethronization of  Christ, and who no longer rely on Him while undertaking a course of action. Why are the words of Pius XI so important and current nowadays, if , in the words of John Paul II - 'Europe and the world are trying to live as if God doesn't exist, and as if His laws do not apply?' For whom is it so important that Christ not have the most important influence in social life? How far has the modern world strayed from the ideal of Christ's kingdom? What will be the consequence?

The modern world according to our King

Jesus Christ is King of the Universe - an obvious truth which every catholic should take to heart, resulting in very clear conclusions which will benefit our lives, the lives of our families, societies, and entire nations. These days, while many strive to reduce religion to private holy practices, in which the sole occurrence of giving ourselves to Christ involves, at most, taking part in holy rituals; we must consider exactly how far we have strayed from His Kingdom, and in what way we should be giving ourselves up to Him.

As Saint Cyril of Alexandria teaches, our Lord Jesus Christ "burdens the order of all  creation, not by force, nor from anybody outside, but by the strength of His being and nature." Henceforth the notion, writes pope Pius XI, that Lord Jesus deserves the worship of men and angels, not solely as God, but man and angels are to worship Him as Man, because Christ is the order of all of creation. This means that His power is not limited to the Heaven which we all strive for, but his power is also present in all people and situations here on earth. The Pope also writes: "there are no differences between individuals, families, or nations, for people joined in community are no less under His rule than individuals....He alone is the cause of true happiness in individuals and in Nations." Pius XI in justifying this truth remembers the words of Saint Augustine, who teaches that the source of happiness for nations is no different than the source of happiness in individuals, "because a nation is nothing more, than a compatible group of individuals" (Saint Augustine, Letter to The Macedonians, chapter 3)

No one can neglect or debunk His rule at the risk of drastic social consequences. A painful reminder of this truth is the state of today's society, which, in the past, was Christian; yet today, has abandoned its faith, dethroned its King, and is experiencing the effects of apostasy. Holy Father John Paul II writes of this: "One of the causes of diminishing hope is the striving to teach anthropology while omitting God and Christ. This way of thinking has resulted in the perception that man is the "absolute center of reality, causing him to take the place of God, while forgetting that man did not create God, but God created man. The forgetting of God has led to the abandonment of man" which is why "it should be of no surprise, that such circumstances have opened the door for an uninhibited development of nihlizm in the field of philosophy, relativism in the field of morality, pragmatism, and even cynical hedonism in the structure of everyday life." European culture creates an impression of the "silent apostasy" of someone satiated, who lives as if God does not exist.

Since modern day society lives as if God does not exist, it falls victim to the prince of this world - Satan, who at all costs attempts to take the place belonging to Christ, and who expects, in his pridefulness, man to obey him. Such a state of humanity, despite ever grander declarations of peace and human rights, cannot result in anything but an increase in the brutality of life, crime, degeneration, legalization of homosexuality, and blasphemy, swept ever further against the One Lord and King.

All attempts for peace that the world offers not in Christ's name, are destined for failure. Pope Pious XI warned of this when he said: "...when we pondered the most pertinent causes of these misfortunes which people come against, while openly suggesting that this type of an evil evolution not only came upon this world because many people removed Jesus Christ and his most holy laws from their daily private, family, and public lives; but also in the future there will not be a certain hope of permanent peace among nations until individuals, as nations, support and side with Our Savior." Indeed, how prophetic the Pope's words turned out to be. Not only has the world not amended itself, but by abandoning its King, is plunging deeper day by day in the atrocity of its sin. Even the most ambitious of human measures, aimed at building heaven on earth, while paradoxically rejecting the One Savior and King, along with His Holy Cross, are of no avail. All these efforts become nothing more than unstable utopias, which lead an ever greater amount of souls to hell. This occurs because man decides to live as if God does not exist, and that His laws do not apply. Will the Lord our God, in light of this deviation, be indifferent and allow an ever greater number of lost souls?

The road to rescue...

Little Hiacynta, who in the year 2000 along with Francis led to the alter by John Paul II, spoke of that which was conveyed to her by Holy Mother Fatima: "The Holy Mother told me that there is much war and discord in the world. War is nothing more than punishment for the sins of the world. Our Holy Mother can no longer hold back the commanding hand of of her loving Son, which has befallen the world." Since the manifestation of the Holy Mother in Fatima and the pontification of pope Pius XI, when the pope used such dramatic words to describe his current situation, the moral degradation of the world is ever the greater. What Hiacynta foresaw has come to pass: "There will come times that will greatly offend Lord Jesus." furthermore: "Many unions are poor, they are displeasing to to Lord Jesus, and are not of God."

The state of this degradation, shortly before our times, which John Paul II so harshly criticized, was emphasized by the words of Jesus during Rosalie Celakówka's manifestations in 1938: "My child! For the sins and crimes (murder and debauchery), committed by humanity in all of the world, God will send down a dreadful punishment. Holy justice can no longer bear these trespasses. Only the nations in which Christ resides will be supported. If you want to save the world, it is neccessary to carry out the enthronement of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus in all the nations and nationalities in all the world." Clearly, thus, Lord Jesus demands the acknowledgement of His Kingly Authority not only in the hearts of men, but in the lives of whole societies and nations: "We must do everything so as the enthronement be carried out. It is the final act of Jesus's Love, for the end of these times! Poland will not perish, as long as we acknowledge Christ as King, in all meanings of the word: if we subdue to Holy Law, by the law of His Love. Otherwise, my child, no support will be granted(...). I vow to you, my child, once again, that only the nations which give themselves up to Jesus's Sacred Heart through enthronement, and who acknowledge Him as Lord and King, will be saved."

In the book, "The History of The Sacred Heart of Jesus Cult," by Ewa Hanter, we find  an explanation pertaining to the meaning of the word enthronement. The author claims: "Even though the vicar of Christ, Pope Leon XIII, devoted the Sacred Heart to all of man, it is important that each person individually acknowledge the reign of God. This is expressed through the act of enthronement. The word enthronement is defined as the instating of someone on the throne. The Encyclical, "Annum Sacrum," influenced the expansion of the idea of the social ascendancy of Christ the King. Various groups began to solemnize and publicly acknowledge credence, while placing an image of The Heart of Jesus in an honorary place (as on a throne). Henceforth it became an extraneous symbol that a given school, bureau, wax formation, acknowledges the undeniable reign of the Loving King and abides to live in accordance with his laws. These ceremonies always involve the blessing of The Heart of Jesus. The collective blessings are done by leaders, who are privileged with the right to speak and act in the name of the society.

The only hope...

 Christ The King and his ascendance is our hope. Through Him with Him and in Him everything has its one and only goal. His ascendance in this world creates true peace, of which writes Pius XI: "Therefore, if and when people acknowledge in their public and private lives the almighty reign of Christ, they would have to penetrate all social  layers of unspoken good-will, such as equity of freedom, order and assuagement, agreement and peace." As the Holy Church teaches - there is no salvation outside of the church, just as there is no peace without the mercy of Christ. As we mentioned, Lord Jesus's reign stretches not only to the Almighty Heavens, but is also connected with governance over imminent issues, as we can clearly see by the words of the holy fathers we have cited. Pious XI affirmatively emphasizes this with his words: "In err would be he who would deny Christ as Man reign over any earthly matters, when He, from his Father, received unlimited right over creation, so that all must succumb to His will."

In this context, it is also clear that Christ's power extends to this world other than through the Holy Church, of which he is the founder and head. From the place of the Church in society and privilege depends on whether Christ the King is due to receive the honor and glory of a monarch - King of kings and Lord of lords.

Since the ruling, and the whole country, the Holy Father Leo XIII calls in the name of the temporal and the eternal power of Christ the King, this particular respect for the Church and its power: "Therefore, it should be holy name of the Lord for the rulers and their chief duty is to surround the religion of his favor, support seriously, Shield shield law, and nothing will be either managed to the detriment of the rights of untouchables (...). It must therefore state that for the common good is established in such a way as to serve the temporal prosperity that to achieve the highest good, not just any did not place the dam, but indeed all insofar as possible to facilitate nastręczało. What in the first place we should be concerned about the sanctity and the whole religion, which unites man with God".

All around Christ

This age-old endeavor of the Holy Church, that the world consisted of a constant part of his King is not just a dream. Sometimes, in fact in the history of Christianity, when humanity was coming to his King and gave him due honor, receiving the award remarkable fruits of civilization development of whole societies and countries. Then, too, had to deal with the major achievements of the organizational state built on the model of the Heavenly Kingdom. Architecture then carried to the desire to emphasize the sovereignty of Christ reflects the qualities of creating a Gothic cathedral, where nothing so far in architecture is not able to match. When the society was organized around their King, built universities and hospitals. The principles and morality of the whole community a real bore great saints. He remembers those times, Pope Leo XIII: "There was once a time when the philosophy of the Gospel steered states, when God's power of Christian wisdom permeated the system of law, institutions and customs of peoples, through all the layers and the affairs of state, when religion established by Christ, taking its proper place in the world enjoyed the favor everywhere prevailing authorities and care, when the priestly and secular sovereignty flourished consent and friendly exchange of services. In such circumstances, the secular community was born unexpectedly blissful yields, whose memory lives and will live, so many monuments of history declared that they no inventions will not destroy opponents or Smothering.

The Pope reminds us that once Christian Europe, which pursued the first law of God, mastered and civilized peoples barbaric past, expounding with superstition and leading to the truth. It is this Christian Europe, "she said triumphantly Muslim invasions and stood at the forefront of civilization. In all the achievements of culture was used to guide and champion the rest of humanity, through faithfulness to Christ.

The Kingdom of Christ through the reign of Mary ...

Finally, you can not fail to mention that Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe wants to rule the world is not in any way except through his Blessed Mother Mary. The great Apostle St. Mary's. Grignion Louis Marie de Montfort wrote about this: "By the Virgin Mary came into the world Jesus Christ, and through her, too, he wants the world to reign" and then "Blessed Virgin Mary was not yet known, which is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ is not known to belong to. If, then, what is clearly unavoidable, we will know Jesus Christ and His kingdom come of it as a logical consequence of the knowledge and reign of the Virgin Mother of God, which Christ first gave birth, and also make it shine again On second . " So there is no other way to the Kingdom of Christ and the devotion to Mary and her Son. When Mary reigns in the hearts of men, preparing them to perfection to accept only the King, if he exercises his power over them and ruled them, guiding them and blesses them: "Just as Jesus Christ is the King of heaven and earth, both the innate sovereign rights, as and the rights of the conqueror, so Mary is the Queen of heaven and earth by grace. Well, the kingdom of Jesus Christ extends mainly in the heart and the depths of man, in the words of Scripture: The Kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17:21), even so, and the kingdom Blessed Mary finds its habitat in the interior man, or in his soul". When we repeat every day the prayer Our Father ... and we pray: Thy kingdom come ... we must remember that we pray and ask for His dominion over us even in eternity, and in this world. His kingdom is only guarantee of true peace and blessings for the nations and countries in which he has the answer in all cases due to him be honor and glory.

St. Louis writes in the poignant words of this blissful kingdom on this earth: " Oh, when will come that happy time when (...) divine Ms. Mary will be established and Empress of hearts, to be completely subjected to the power of his great and only Jesus? When will souls be Mary breathed such as the body breathes air? really bizarre things will be going on in this vale of time, when the Holy Spirit, finding a way reflected in the souls of his beloved bride, eager to hurry to fill it with abundance of his gifts, especially the gift of wisdom to perform miracles grace. dear Brother, when will the advent of that happy time, that Mary's age when many souls chosen by Mary, and was sought in the Supreme, will confuse your own image in the abyss of its interior, will be living portraits of Mary, to love and worship Jesus Christ? "These times will come only when it is understood and practiced devotion to behold, I proclaim: To Your kingdom come, O Lord, let the kingdom come, Mary".

Ed. Slawomir Skiba

"Alliance with Mary", No. 12, 2003