Design-Construction News

13 March 2010, the Bishop –Ordinates of the Diocese of Kyiv –Żytomierski, Jan Purwiński and superior were shown construction project proposals for the “ Pallotini Centre” at the parish of “Christ the King of the universe" in Kiev. After the necessary meetings and discussions with the company, in September, an agreement was signed for implementation of the project and its approval by the relevant institutions of the city. The design work was to be completed in 2010, while the approval of the project no later than June 2011. The intensive exploration of measures necessary for the approval of the project and for the first stage of construction are ongoing. Construction is planned in three stages:

  1. reconstruction of existing House; 
  2. construction of the temple and the first two floors; 
  3. construction of one more floor and mansard, as well as the tower.