Directions of development of expertise

Religious-cultural Center in the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe" in Kiev.

Other activities of the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe" can be divided into three groups:


It just so happened in history that Ukraine is on the crossroads of cultures, even more, civilizations: east and west. The territory of modern Ukraine in the course of many centuries has been the territory of other countries, which would leave their mark as a souvenir in the form of a memento, the invisible influence on the culture and worldview. Unfortunately, this fact today, often becomes the object of manipulation in Ukraine and attempts to divide society, calling to reject, destroy, and forget everything in the Ukraine which is foreign. But how can you reject that which has lived for centuries? Today we do not have the right to rewrite the history under our political, cultural, and religious beliefs and preferences. Objective fact is that Catholicism has a great contribution to spirituality and culture in these lands. Catholics in Ukraine have to know and realize, that discarding the established belief of Catholicism in Ukraine is unnatural.

1. Gallery of images.

Religious-cultural Centre in the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe" is intended to show the fruits of Ukranian Catholics on the territory of today's Ukraine, most of whom were Poles, and contributed to the culture of today's Ukraine.

Since 2005, the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe" began working with prominent Ukrainian painters who were acquainted with the life of Catholics in Ukraine and Poland. The parish organized artists' workshops in Zakopane, Krakow, Warsaw. The fruit of this collaboration is a collection of paintings depicting the once beautiful works of architecture, and today for the most part destroyed Catholic churches and monasteries, castles and palaces. 

We have 115 such works, each of them has a description and history of the object. The first images from the collection were presented at the exhibition "Catholic Temples and historical monuments through the eyes of Ukrainian artists", which was held in May 2006 at the Polish Embassy in Kiev.

We expect that one day we can arrange a collection in the gallery, which we plan in the designed centre in the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe ", where anyone willing can immerse themselves in history and read at least one more dramatic, yet fascinating page.

2. Historical Museum.

In addition to a gallery, we are planning a museum in which will be presented the history of Catholicism in the lands of modern Ukraine. Many of these things are in families that do not know what to do, and in places where they do not recieve due respect. We would like to collect, describe, and present such things.

3. Symposia and conferences.

We recognize the necessity of organizing symposia and conferences on Catholic culture and the history of the Catholic Church in Ukraine and the world, because today there are a lot of topics that require some explination and objectification.


1. Centre for expatriate pastoral support.

Economic cooperation between the Polish and Ukraine, with its proximity, is quite intense. This is due to the presence of at least several hundred Polish companies in Ukraine. Kiev is always a central place where interests of many of these companies converge. Poles who work in them often experience loneliness and are sometimes lost, which leads them to abuse alcohol, lose their family, a sense of drowning. Rarely do they have somewhere to turn with their problems. Therefore, it is a huge challenge for usto create such a base, where one can find a variety of spiritual and psychological help. It is worthwhile also to prevent such processes, by creating just the right place, where they will get to know and support each other; develop, and not allow degradation. The will have the opportunity to grow spiritually and regain their strength, form clubs, interests, participate in retreats organized for them, celebrate the Catholic and national celebrations.

It will also provide an opportunity for integration, an example of which is the annual celebration in Bykovnia on the occasion of the arrival of the participants of the International Katyn Motorcycle Rally (Bykivnia is a place directly adjacent to the parish of “Christ the King of the Universe "). This event is a school to some effect, of generosity and concern for the common heritage.

2. Retreat center

Pleasant is the fact that Catholics in Ukraine come together in different specialist groups of doctors, scientists, etc. For them and with their participation we plan on orginizing various programs and retreats. The resort will be able to reside 50 people at the same time for a few days.

3. University of “The Third Age "(for the elderly)

As to not restrict our activities only to the young and economically active, we would like to be involved with people of the "third age", who in today's culture often feel marginalized. We would like to be able to maximize our potential, broaden our horizons through a specially organized university, "University of the Third Age." University students will be able to develop knowledge in the fields of history, culture, theology, biblical studies, sociology, psychology and learn the Polish language. This would give older people, without focusing on their difficulties and problems, a positive answer to old age; as a time for continued growth and wisdom.


1. Prophylactic school of addiction

A huge threat to today's society are various addictions, among them the most common is addiction to alcohol. Although this problem for Ukraine is a very painful, concern make a difference here is minimal. For example, in Poland for more than 20 years, there have been state programs to prepare specialists in this field, while the experience of the Church in this field spans over two hundred years of history. The huge discrepancy In Polands Progress, compared to this field in Ukraine, was noticed at the International Symposium held in Kiev, on September 23-26, 2007. It became clear that many preventive and rehabilitation programs used in Poland can be adapted in the Ukraine. Secondary prevention of addiction becomes a place where courses will be held for those who want to deal with the prevention of addiction in their communities. Classes will be sessions, but there will also be organized symposia and conferences. The school will house conscious and competent individuals and environments in the field sobriety and inner freedom.

2. School specialists in the field of addiction.

The school will be organized along the lines of "School Addiction Therapy" in Poland. For this reason we will invite the Polish specialists- to implement the adaptation of the programs of these schools and help the authorities in this field. The school will focus on theoretical aspects, but fully-fledged professionals are needed to prepare the practical part, which is why we will work with various rehabilitation centers. The school will have individual consultations for addicts and their families, and it will be a meeting place for self-help groups.