Of the Kiev Cathedral in the XVII th.

Of the Kiev Cathedral in the XVII th.

Adamovych Roman
canva, oil, 80 x 80, Kyiv, 2005

There are several versions as to the date of this temple, and also whether it was under the name of St. Catherine, or St. Mary. However, as to the existence of the Kyiv Cathedral in the 17th century there is no doubt. Further proof is also in the archaeological discoveries from the years 1973-1974, during which at the construction of the wholesale market hall next to Żytniotorźkoi Street (at the hill of the Castle), was found the remnants of a square under construction- Surely a temple. Most likely, this building is a Catholic Church, which was dilapidated during the Chmelnytsky uprising. According to the accounts of Boplana, the Kyiv Cathedral was situated within Żytniotorźkiego square.

Unfortunately, we have very little information on the Cathedral. From sources we know only that its construction was started in the times of Bishop Christopher Kazimirski (1599-1618). There are also a multiple certificates from 1636, in which the authors claim that in the city there is a miraculous Cathedral. The fate of this temple was sad and tragic; in 1648 it was destroyed by Chmielnicki’s army.


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