Dominican Church. Ternopil

Dominican Church. Ternopil

Gavrylenko Katheryna
canva, oil, 69 x 89, Kyiv, 2006

A former church in Taronoplu Domikanów is one of the most interesting sights. The temple was built between 1749 - 1779 as a project by architect А. Moszyński.

The church has an original, interpreted under the influence of the Baroque, basilica. The central naive is oval and has semicircular arches and is finished with a decorative dome. Aisles are finished in semicircular shape of the cross vaults. The main facade is decorated with stylized pilasters on the model of composite order, sandryk window frames. The towers have multipurpose sapphire tops with dormers.

external appearance Corresponds to the interior decoration of the Rococo style. We know that the church was decorated with frescoes by Stanislaw Stroiński that were thematically related to the patron saint Vincent Ferrer Church, but unfortunately not preserved to our times.

The Dominican Church belongs to the late Baroque monuments. In 1953 the temple was renovated and used as a art gallery for the Ternopil museun of history. Today the Dominican church functions as a Greek-Catholic Cathedral.


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