Church of Sts. Stanislaus Bernardine (former Jesuit). Sambor

Church of Sts. Stanislaus Bernardine (former Jesuit). Sambor

Gavrylenko Katheryna
canva, oil, 75 x 85, Kyiv, 2006

The Jesuit complex was built in 1698. Construction of a brick church was begun in 1709 by the architect J.I. Dalarmasa, and completed in 1751. The architect P. Girzycki also participated in the construction.(However, some sources say that the church and the Jesuit College in Samborwas built in between 1756-1759 was a project by architect Karsznickiego ).

A College of brick in the Baroque style, rectangular in plan, floored hallway system. Rooms have cross shaped vaults. The main facade of the western side is in the style of architecture of the church next door, torn baroque pediment accented with volutes. Flat facades decorated with pilasters.

After the liquidation of the Association of Jesus, the former college and the church was handed to the Bernadines. In Sambor, Bernardines worked until 1945. Today, the former Jesuit College is used as a music school, and in the space of the church- a concert hall.


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