Holy Trinity Church. Lutsk

Holy Trinity Church. Lutsk

Gavrylenko Katheryna
canva, oil, 75 x 85, Kyiv, 2006

Construction of the Holy Trinity church in Luck began at the initiative of Bishop George Chwalczewski, in 1539 Bishop Chwalczewski probably invited Luke of Presov for the execution of construction work. renewing and enrichment of the temple he was in the years 1607-1616 by Bishop Paul Wołucki.

The temple is listed as a cathedral church. It is known that the church was to have four towers and was among the buildings of the Circular castle complex. Because today the temple does not exist, the image of St. Ignatius from the ХVІІІ century is crucial for its restoration, where on one side of the Saint we see the panorama of the Luck building. In the painting, the Holy Trinity church has a gabled roof, and walls with tall windows finished with semicircle arches. Two towers of the west façade have high fusiform finish. One of these towers was located on the western corner of the building, the second - on the ridge of the roof; the same with the turret over the center main nave. The painting also shows that from the west and north the church was fenced by a wall. From the conducted tests in 1990, we know that this church was a 3-nave, six-beamed or eight-beamed building with narrow chancel, facing east. According to these studies the width of the church was 18 meters, the width of the chancel - 12m. Probable length of 26m for the aisles. The thickness of the foundation walls - 2 m.

The brick church of the Holy Trinity, for the time of its existence, was met with damage from fire and malice. We know about the fires between the years 1587-1616, and also in 1680, 1675, and in 1724 and 1781. After a fire in 1724 was the church was rebuilt during 1725-1726 under the direction of the architect M. Osiecki. The fire in 1781 was the last for the temple and after that has not been rebuilt.


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