Raising of the Holy Cross Church. Velyki Dederkaly

Raising of the Holy Cross Church. Velyki Dederkaly

Gavrylenko Katheryna
canva, oil, 60 x 70, Kyiv, 2007

The brick church of Raising of the Holy Cross was built at the cost of grodzki Judge from Krzemieniec, Michael de Grotius Prejsa, in 1760. By the temple was built a monastery for The Reformats. The Baroque church was consecrated in 1805 by auxiliary bishop John Lucka Kaczkowski. After the tsarist authorities closed down the Reformant monastery in 1891, a Russian teachers seminarium opened, and the temple was closed. After World War II, the Soviet authorities designated the monastery and church as a prison.

At the end of the 90’s of the XX century, the monastic complex of the Reformants became the property of the Orthodox Church.


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