Church of St. Nicholas Dominkanek monastery. Belz

Church of St. Nicholas Dominkanek monastery. Belz

Hanushkevich Cesar
canva, acrylic, 60 x 70, Kyiv, 2007

The Dominican complex was built from 1653 until the ХVІІІ century. The complex consists of the church and adjadent rectangular enclosuresm which close quite large (46 × 31) monastery courtyard: south-west and west, rectangular inplan.

At the time of World War II the monastery buildings were very damaged.

As for the church, it was built in the mid ХVІІ century; in 1861 the work of restoration was done.

Built of red brick, in Baroque style. 3-nave, 8-pillar basilica with prismatic, hexagonal apse and rectangular rooms built symmetrically on both sides.

The main northern façade is flanked by towers- symmetrically divided Doric order pilasters. Facades on the side are divided by pilasters and arched windows.

From 1743 to the present day, the church is Greek-Catholic, while the Dominican monastery is in ruins.


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