Lviv Theatre

Lviv Theatre

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

The theater building was built between 1897 - 1900, designed by architect Z. Gorgolewski Lviv. The first showing was held on October 4, 1900, but the decorative work continued for 8 years.

Outstanding masters of that time worked on sculptures and paintings to decorate the theater building. Sculptures from the main facade have an allegorical character. In niches - eksedrach pilonów been placed allegorical figures, "Comedy" - T. Baroncza, and "Tragedy" - A. Popiel, who also is the creator of convex reliefs of mythological content, in the tympanum of the front-end.

The front rooms are lavishly decorated theater with marble, gilt, paintings. Decorating Design is consistent with the nature of the front decoration. Lobby with fine staircase with three sections and a ceiling covered with paintings and a lighted platform covered in murals by a master team led by Popiel. The paintings of the foyer are devoted to the scenes of Polish playwright, the setting in the Great 1800 seat Hall is completed with a composition of "Parnassus," by the brush of H. Siemiradzki.

Lviv theater building is one of the most spectacular buildings in Ukraine.


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