Cathedral Church of the Peter and Paul. Kamyanets-Podolski

Cathedral Church of the Peter and Paul. Kamyanets-Podolski

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

Initially, in the fifteenth century, the church presented a three-aisled basilica building structure. In its development of an architectural edifice underwent nine stages.

Until the mid-seventeenth century, the temple is formed as a building with a long chancel aisle, several chapels and the high Renaissance porch. During the Ottoman rule (1672 - 1699) was reconstructed from the damage during the bombing of the cities west facade: the porch was dismantled and a chapel was erected over the minaret, which was crowned with a crescent moon, which symbolized the transformation of the church into a mosque. Then, as the city was retrieved from the Turks, the church was renovated and consecrated. In the year 1754, it had been reconstructed, and in 1756 an iron statue of the Virgin Mary was erected on the Minareli. Architectural works of this period are attributed to Jan de Witte.

In the years 1853 - 1862 in the temple there were stained glass from Bohemia, the floor was of sandstone and marble.

During the Soviet-era the temple was taken away from the faithful from 1930 seved as a history museum for Kamieniec-Podolski. Since 1978, the temple was used as a hall of organ music.


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