Bernardine Church. Lviv

Bernardine Church. Lviv

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

In the years 1600 - 1630 the Bernardines built the church of St. Andrew in Lviv. The first builder was B. Awaldes, and Since 1600, the work was carried on by P. Rymlanin, and from 1613 - A. Prychylny. The church was planned as a basilican temple with an elongated apse. In 1609 there was a disagreement between the architect and clients and so a team of specialists from Wroclaw was invited, who in the style of northern Mannerist , erected towers decorated with sculpture for the western and eastern facades and built a high tower - a bell tower.

The interior of the church is a Renaissance style. Its primary decorating took place between 1618 - 1630, has since preserved its structure, protruding statues of saints and prophets, a statue of St. John of Dukla, made of red marble. the location on the north wall of the scene, "Apotheosis of St. John of Dukla,” dates back to 1667, where you can see the Liv of medieval walls and towers. The altar is a copy of the painting by Rubens, "The Crucifixion of Christ " by F. Leksickiego, a painter from Krakow.

Restoration work which took place in the XIX - XX century did not affect the architecture of the church, which by the conduct of the internal decoration is among the richest churches of Lviv.


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