Senyavski Castle. Berezhany

Senyavski Castle. Berezhany

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

The Sienawski family Castle in Brzeżany has obvious Renaissance influence; it was built between 1534 - 1554 by one of the Italian masters. Initially, the composition of the site was: the palace, and the tower of the four storey semi-circular tower. In the year 1570 in the northern part of the yard was built a wooden building and a tower. In the first half of the seventeenth century, the castle was surrounded by a bastion strengthening of ground. She stark appearance of the castle was softened by a Renaissance attic with architecture over the palace and the portal gateway. The composition of the court buildings are single-story walled shells and church/tomb with the Sienawski family tombstones.

Buildings of the castle courtyard consists of four two-storey corps and a single-story main palace, which is the only one of all the buildings, that kept an attic defense floor and stood in splendor and exquisite interior.

In the second half of the eighteenth century, no one had lived in the castle and it began to fall into ruin - in 1829 two upper floors of the tower were demolished, followed by the ground bastion fortifications.

Sieniawski Castle is one of the most outstanding works of Renaissance military architecture.


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