Royal Arsenal. Lviv

Royal Arsenal. Lviv

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

The arsenal was built according to the military design engineer P. Grodziński, in 1639 – 1649. Its name comes from the fact that it was built at the expense of the Polish king WładysławaIV.

From the beginning of the building was sandwiched between the defence walls, but after the destruction of the of fortifications in the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century ,the southern facade created open space . In 1824 and 1954, the arsenal had been restored. In 1954, the southern facade was restored to its original appearance.

The Royal Arsenal is composed of three storey brick corps. Brilliant Baroque features were reflected in the architecture of the main body. On its southern façade, on the 1st floor entrance portal was deployed a similar form as the gate in the yard. Over the portal are cannon barrels carved out of stone. The courtyard façade of the main body of the central portal looks extremely elegant, where there was a pedestal of the sculpture "Archangel Michael trampling Satan", cast metal in the year 1639.

Royal Arsenal is a rare structure for mid-seventeenth century military.


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