Church of St. Nicholas. Lviv

Church of St. Nicholas. Lviv

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

The temple was built between 1739 - 1745 by the architect F. Placidi, or K. Gronackiego of Lublin, to replace the old wooden church.

A Building of stone, with the nave, a six-beamed cross-shaped vaulted basilica. Main lines soften the raw end of the Baroque facade of simplicity, which is dotted with windows above the entrance and inlets on both sides.

Internal division of space in the aisles correspond to flat pilasters of the facade. The interior itself is made in the Rococo style. A tree sculpture by one of the best sculptors of Lviv is preserved.

S. Fesingera, ornamentation by L. Peczyckiego, copies of paintings by Van - Dyke and the late A. Rejchama. Of Particular value is the widely known history of composition from 1595, which was moved from the Cathedral (Lviv pattern sculpture XVI). Made of dark marble and alabaster bas-relief triptych, is distinguished by the aspiration to monumental forms, which correspond to the stylish character of the scenes. It is owned by the studio of Lviv sculptor G. Wan Gutta.


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