Dominican Church. Lviv

Dominican Church. Lviv

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

Establishment of the Dominican monastery dates back to the mid-fourteenth century. After a fire in 1408, brick Gothic buildings appear that were renovated and rebuilt in connection with the fires in the years 1511 and 1527. At the beginning of the seventeenth century it consisted of a 3-naive church with a tower on the western facade and the adjacent single-story bodies from the north. This was how the church looked until the fire, which occurred in the year 1740. After this the church was threatened with ruin and was demolished. In the year 1745 at the expense of Mr Hetman Potocki, was built a new church in the baroque style, according to designs by the famous engineer John de Witte.

In the year 1865, from the main facade over the entrance, there is a Baroque styled, two-storey bell tower. In the years 1905-1914 the interior was decorated with artificial marble, stained glass windows, it was painted and gilded; the architectural design before was cast in bronze. The main element of the three-story interior design are vertical double Corinthian columns that that look as if they support the a huge canopy of the dome, and gilded statues of saints of the Dominican Order.

The Dominican Church in Lviv is a unique architectural monument of the eighteenth century because of its compositional solution.


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