Church of the St. Bartholomew. Drohobych

Church of the St. Bartholomew. Drohobych

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

According to local tradition, the church was built on the site of the old castle. Its construction began in the year 1392, ended as early in the fifteenth century, the end of the century there was a fire in the church, after which it was reconstructed. In the year 1548 it was surrounded by palisades, a mote and fence; and was built several wooden and brick towers. During the Chmielnieckiego uprising, the temple was devastated, and in 1681 - rebuilt. In 1754 the church was renovated, and a thorough maintenance was carried out at the end of the eighteenth century, in 1780. according to the drawings, painters Jan Matejko, S. Wyspianski, and J. Megoffera, there were added ​​stained glass windows. In 1800, in place of the northern door of the place was built a chapel. Restoration and construction works were carried out in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, from 1902 to 1910, the high Gothic attic was taken off the chancel and it was covered with the still-existing today lowered roof.

The church is red brick, non-plastered, nave, general type, with extended graniastym chancel. The plan is very close to the Cathedral in Lviv, without further expansion.

The building is among the rare gothic monuments.


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