Castle Bridge. Kamynets-Podolski

Castle Bridge. Kamynets-Podolski

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
zincograph, Kyiv

The Castle bridge is the oldest connection between the Old Castle and the island's Old Town. The first stage of construction dates back to the II - III century. During this time, the bridge resembled a five or seven-girder construction with a high brick pilon connected by arched wooden lattice. In the XII - XIV century wooden trusses were replaced with wooden arches. On both sides of the bridge stood square towers. In 1672, the Turkish assault left the bridge badly damaged. In the years 1685 - 1686 the Turks carried out the master reconstruction; they built girders between the plions, and sealed bridge from both sides with walls.

It was destroyed numerous times during the thirteenth - the nineteenth century, which led to a thickening of the slopes on both sides of the bridge. At the end of the nineteenth century on both sides of the bridge were built stairs that lead into the canyon. The last renovation of the bridge was completed in 1942, by German military engineers.

Currently, most of contemporary design represents a single wall with a length of 88 m and a thickness of 6.5m at the top, 11m at the bottom. Adjacent to the southern wall are the stairs that connect the island's Old Town suburb Karwasary.


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