Church in Berestechko

Church in Berestechko

Ivanov-Akhmetov Volodymyr
map, monotype, a marker, 45 x 35, Kyiv, 2006

Initially Beresteczku had a wooden church of St. Andrew the Apostle, which was built in the mid-century ХVІІ. In the years 1711 - 1733 Castellan Halych Thomas Karczewski built a new brick church in late Baroque style, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The church belonged to the Trynitarzom fathers, and after the tsar's decree, Trinitarian monastery was closed; the monastic premises were used as a prison, then were demolished and turned into a parish church. Construction of the interrior was financed by the governor of Lublin - Zamoyski.

Aisle in late baroque style building was the church interior in the Rococo style of the frescoes made by Father Joseph Prechtl. In 1831 the church consecrated Bishop. Casper Cieciszowski. In 1889 the church was maintained.

After World War II, the temple was completely devastated. Currently, the property of the former church of jast Greek-Catholic Church.

In the aisle are preserved fragments of sepulchral slabs of white marble. Witosławskiego Victor († 1889).


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