Church of Our Lady Bernardine. Sokal

Church of Our Lady Bernardine. Sokal

Jeliseyev Igor
canva, oil, 100 x 50, Kyiv, 2006

The Bernardine church and monastery was built in the years 1604 - 1619 by architect B. Awelidesem. Fires in 1843 and 1870 severely damaged the complex, and as a result of rebuilding, its original appearance was quite changed. The convent was fenced with a double row of walls with four corner towers. In 1732 a defence wall was built. In 1748 the clock tower of the church was erected. The towers, after a fire in 1870, were rebuilt by the architect A. Kun. Great destructions to the buildings took place in 1915 at the time of World War I, and they were rebuilt in the 20’s of the XX century.

A brick church, 3- nave, 4 pillar with transept, covered with a high gable roof. In the north-east corner between the elongated choir with a prismatic apse, and the transept exalts a two-storey, square-plan tower, an octagonal upper level with a baroque-style clock. Architecture of the main facade is fairly modest.

In the temple- the shrine was surrounded with the miraculous image of ‘Our Lady of Consolation,’ painted in 1400 by John Wężyk, which was the reason that the city was one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in the Eastern provinces of the Republic. At the time of the fire of 1843, the image was burned; and a copy from the nineteenth century is now in the Bernardine Church in Krakow.

The quarters are adjacent to the northern facade of the church and were buil tsimultaneously with it. A brick building with corridor system, and a rectangular two-storey inner courtyard.

The Barnardyński walled complex was shelter during times of invasions by enemies of the city; the last time this was used in the twentieth century, during the dramatic slaughter in Volhynia ... The Bernardines were forced to leave Sokal and go to Lizhensk, and in the monastery, the Soviet government imprisoned especially dangerous criminals. Today the monument fell into ruinis...


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