Trinitarian Church. Kamyanets-Podolski

Trinitarian Church. Kamyanets-Podolski

Jeliseyev Igor
canva, oil, 50 x 100, Kyiv, 2006

Trinitarian congregation was founded in ХІІ century in Europe. The main objective of the activity was - redemption of Christians who were slaves to Muslims. In Kamyanets-Podolsky, Trinitarians appeared in 1699, when the 27 year occupation by the Turks ended. Before this, Trzynitarze settled in Lvov and in 1699 made the first attempt for redemption of captive slaves. Remuneration for slaves was 300-600 zloty, and for important people – up to 1800 zloty, respectively. According to some calculations for the years 1688 - 1781 Trinitarians expeditions conducted in 18 expiditions and bought back 517 slaves.

Construction of the Trzynitarzy church, the Holy Trinity in Kamieniec-Podolsky, began in 1750, and in 1780 the church was consecrated. The church is a beautiful ornament of the Old Town. Today it is a Greek-Catholic church. Josafata, consecrated July 19, 1992.


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