Carmelite Church. Lutsk

Carmelite Church. Lutsk

Yuryev Igor
canva, oil, 70 x 80, Chernivci, 2007

The Carmelite Monestary was built in Lutsk in the 40’s of the eighteenth century. Construction of a brick church was completed in 1764. A temple of 3- nave and basilican transept.. The sacristy was multi-storey, rectangular in plan.

As for the architecture - the temple was built in rococo style. The western facade was traditional for a two-tiered temple of basilican composition. The main accent on the façade was a sofisticated frontispiece illustration. The facade was split with rectangular windows and recesses, finished with pilasty and panels. Between 1798 and 1845 the church suffered from a fire. After the last fire, when the Carmelite Order was abolished by the tsarist authorities, the church was not allowed to rebuild and fell into disrepair, and by 1880 was finally dismantled.


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