Church of the Reformers. Rava-Ruska

Church of the Reformers. Rava-Ruska

Yuryev Igor
canva, oil, 70 x 80, Chernivci, 2007

The monastery and church of the Dominicans, St. Michael's, was built in place of the wooden chapel between 1726-1737, as a project by architect P. Fontanabuilt, in 1725. Renewed in 1902 and in the years 1930-1935.

The church is made of brick in the Baroque style, single-nave, under a gable roof with a turret. The plan consists of a rectangular nave and choir room, which adjoins the south side. On the west facade – a small square porch. It is a type of reformist church of the ХVІІІ century. A two-storey facade with pilasters and baroque exterior. Similar shape is built over the porch pediment.

On the north side of the building are monastic quarters.

The monument is one of the prominent patterns of Baroque architecture. Today, unfortunately, it is in ruins.


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