Church of St. Anthony of Padua. Stara Kotelnya

Church of St. Anthony of Padua. Stara Kotelnya

Yuryev Igor
canva, oil, 64 x 70, Chernivci, 2008

Stara Kotelnia is mentioned in chronicles of 1143 as Kotelnicz and Kotelnica. Until the mongol times the village had fortress.

In 1783 the church was built in Stara Kotelnia. The temple of St. Anthony was built by Anthony Pruszynski in the best traditions of the Baroque. A three-nave, four-pillar basilica of brick with 5-sided chancel and rectangular vestry. The central nave has semicircular vaults, and side naves with cross-shaped vaults. The facade is decorated with fine Ionian pilasters, main entry arch is flanked by Tuscan columns. Since behind the church was found a destroyed statue of Our Lady, one can assume that she adorned the temple, and stood on the podium or front of the church. At present the main adornment of the church is a memorial plaque with Latin engravement on the main entry.

North-east of the temple is a bell tower.

Some sources mention of a brick fence with a gate, its remnants can be seen today behind the church.

It is known that in 1911 the amount of parishioners was 3092.

During Soviet times the church was taken away from the faithful and even though after many years it was returned to the Catholics, today one of the most beautiful baroque architechtural monuments of the ХVІІІ century, in Zytomierszczyzno, is in very poor condition.


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