Church of the Dominicans. Zhovkva

Church of the Dominicans. Zhovkva

Koltsov Alexander
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv, 2007

Dominican Church was built in Zhovkva between 1653-1955 by the funding of the mother of Polish king Jan Sobieski. At the same time were built wooden quarters of the monastery, which burned, and were rebuilt numerous times(in years - 1677, 1717, 1739.1754 і 1833).

The church was 3-nave, 6-pillar, in a cruciform plan. Topped with a small central turret; rather broad (10 m) nave and choir, and narrow(8 m) aisles, have cylindrical vaults, the side branches have curved archways, the central area - cross-shaped vaults. Side naves were 2-level with narrow galleries-emporami on the upper level, and the arches of the archiwoltami at the bottom. Above the main entrance are the choirs. Walls and inlets in 1913 were painted by the painter K. Polityńskiego. The ends of the transept and the nave are highlighted by identical triangular Baroque gables. Architecture of the eastern and western facades is similar. It is based on the use of pilaster on the lower level and Tuscan pilaster at the top.

The church is surrounded on three sides by cells..

The monument is one of the typical works of baroque architecture of the Lvov school of architecture. Today the church belongs to Greek-Catholics.


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