Church of St. John Nepomucena. Bilolivka

Church of St. John  Nepomucena. Bilolivka

Korsun Dmytro
canva, oil, 78,8 x 60, Kyiv, 2008

Bilolivka - an estate in the former Kyiv region. In 1595 the sister of Hetman John Chodkiewicz, Anna Korecka, along with her husband, bought Bilolivka, and lands destroyed by the tartars were once again populated. The Korecki’s built a fortress and orthodox monastery with a building-a shelter for people who returned from captivity. Aside from a number of Cossak raids , part of the castle has survived to the nineteenth century. Within the defense walls, in the ХVІІІ century, thanks to the victim Mary Radziwił, from Lubomirski, was built a classic church dedicated to John of Nepomuk. A single-nave rectangle construction, covered with a tall, smooth roof and bell tower. Its facade is adorned portico of four columns closed with triangular fronton. Next to it was a two-pillar bell-tower.

At present, we know very little about the church, mostly from the accounts and drawings of Napoleon Orda (XIX century).


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