Church in Kyiv Castle

Church in Kyiv Castle

Markov Boris
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv 2007

It was built for the needs of catholic residents in the Kyiv Castle . It existed intermittently within the ХV - ХVІІ centuries. It was wooden. Unfortunately, today we do not know who was its patron.

The first mention of the temple is in a lustration in 1552, but we know that the church existed even before. It can be assumed that the church was built in 1470 as the first initiative of the Kyiv Catholic governor- Gosztolda Martin, the brother of a bishop in Kyiv.

The church which was mentioned in the surveys most likely was built at the time of the castle restoration, which was burned in 1482 Megli-Giray. We have no news about whether it was active in the ХVІ century. In 1595 Joseph Wereszczyński mentions only a chapel in the castle, in which, "the officials of the castle are insulting it, they closed their horses inside. "

The chapel probably burned at the time of the fire in the castle in 1605. The lustration in 1619 does not mention a church. The new Castle church was built by the new governor, a devout Catholic - Janusz Tyszkiewicz in the years 1627-1633. The last time the church was mentioned in the castle is in 1640.


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