Church of St. Joseph. Kyiv

Church of St. Joseph. Kyiv

Markov Boris
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv 2007

Existed for quite a short period, from 1910-1920, in Podolia (Jurkowska Street, 3).

The first draft of the church of st. Joseph was developed by the diocesan architect Charles Iwanicki, and was submitted for approval in 1910 as a Roman- Catholic chapel at the headquarters of Carolina Jaroszyński, on Jurkowska street(the front office was separated later, and in Carolina Jaroszyński’s place was plot № 3, from the corner of Kyryliwśkoi Street.). The project was approved in late 1913, the same year of the establishment of the foundation. The Church had eclectic features with elements of pseudo-Romanesque style; it was asymetrical, with a nearly 40-meter tower. The construction was interrupted by World War I, but there had already been erected a granite cokόł. In 1920 the church was registered by the Soviet authorities as the Syndicate Roman- Catholic Church of St. Joseph, on 3 Jurkowska Street (probably in the place of a partially ruined temple); but in the list of Kyiv churches, the Church of St. Joseph is gone.


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