Jesuit Church. Lviv

Jesuit Church. Lviv

Moskovchenko Sergiy
canva, oil, 54 x 72, Kyiv, 2006

The construction of the temple, dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul began in 1610 and completed in 1630. Architects were seen as the Italians. S. Lamchius and D Briano. When constructing, the model was a temple- Il Gesu in Rome. The Jesuit church became the first herald of Baroque in Lviv. Its length is 41 m., width 21 м., the height of the central nave is 26 m. The church can fit 3500 people, and even 1500 more in the galleries.

In 1702, there was built bell tower, which at that time was the highest building in Lviv (height 100 м.). It was the originally in the form of pyramidal columns. In 1709 the bell-tower was equipped with three bells, аnd in 1756 - the clock. Today, the bell-tower does not exist, its construction had proved to be unreliable, and in 1830 its upper floors for security reasons have been dismantled. In 1739 the north wall of the chapel was built. In 1740 the church was restored after the fire of 1734, and is decorated with frescoes: the central nave by the painter Francis Eksztejna, the side by his son Sebastian.

The brick construction represents a three-aisled basilica. The main facade had separated pilasters, niches and well-developed curtain rods, angles, adorned with volutes. There were placed statues in niches. The side façade was much more modestly adorned. Delightful baroque interior and stucco painting saturated the arches - cartouches with coats of arms.

From the north to the church building the former Jesuit college, which in 1661 reorganized into a university- this date is considered date of the Lviv University.

Currently in the former Jesuit church is the Stefanyk storehouse Library.


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