Dominican Church. Kamieniec-Podolski

Dominican Church. Kamieniec-Podolski

Moskovchenko Sergiy
canva, oil, 40 x 60, Kyiv, 2006

The Dominicans were the first group which came to Podolia. Most historians date the monestary of the Dominicans in Kamieniec at 1370. As a longer active monastery in Kamieniec, Pope Gregory IX mentions in the Decree of 1378. An interesting fact is that, unlike other monasteries, the Dominican church was built in the city center, by which was built the church of St. Nicholas.

Over time the church built several chapels: in 1569 - Our Lady of the Rosary, 1618 - Jesus Christ, 1628 - St. Dominic. There was also a chapel of some name and year of which today we do not know.

After the conquest of the city by the Turks, all the churches converted into mosques and the Dominican church St. Nicholas became the second largest mosque, dedicated to the sultan's favirite wife, Mechmeda IV. It is worth noting that since the time of Ottoman rule the temple has not seen any major changes; but the monastery did set up a fountain, and the statue of the deceased daughter bejlerbeja Kamenyets.

After Kamieniec retrieved the city from the Turks, the rebuilding began. The founder of the reconstruction of the Dominican monastery was governor Terebowlański MF Potocki. The author of the reconstruction was the famous John de Witte. The renovation was finished in 1754 and its effect had features of Gothic, Renaissance and bakoku.

After the liquidation of the monastery, the church became a parish. In the years 1842 - 1864 the monastery housed a seminarum, followed by the State Chamber, the institution of "public welfare", Art School Historical Society, and Museum of Archaeology; also before World War I - The Russian Public Library and monestary.

The group of former Dominican buildings had suffered at the time of World War II. After the restoration and construction works, for some time there was an archive storage. In the 1970’s the renovation of the baroque bell was completed, and began the restoration of the western monastic building. Unfortunately, at the time of the fire in 1994, the renewed bell-tower burned down.

Today the Dominican church, after numerous changes in ownership, belongs to the Assembly of St. Paul the Hermit (Pauline Fathers).


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