Church Jesuits. Lutsk

Church Jesuits. Lutsk

Moskovchenko Sergiy
canva, oil, 40 x 50, Kyiv, 2006

In the years 1604-1773 the Jesuits in Luck conducted religious activities, educational, and construction. In the central part of the city was built its magnificent church and college, giving giving the buildings a dominant compositional role. It replaced part of the defensive wall of the Circular castle and increased its defense capacity, because it was adapted to defense.

Construction of the church began on June 16, 1616. The construction of the foundations was led by architect Journal Briano. Over time he was replaced the other architects - B. Molla, W. Glazowicz, P. Giżycki, A. Agorn, M. Sobolewski, F. Grodzicki, J. Umiński. Building were decorated with works by painters Klimkowicza M., P. Icyńskiego, T. Kunce, J. Prechtl, K. William, and others.

The temple is a 3-nave, domed basilica in the shape of a Greek cross. Above the aisles with the exception of the transept, are arranged galleries. Along the aisles are 4-story decorated galleries. On two sides of the sanctuary are located two levels of rooms. The central dome rests on the arches, which rest on four pillars in the shape of the cross vaults.

Among the Jesuit Province of the Eastern churches, Luck is the largest. Its size in the plan (along with the towers) 39m. by 53m. The height from the floor aisles to cross over the dome - 40.25 m. The foundation pits at 6 m.

The church is decorated with sculptures, stucco, including Paul Wołuckiego coat of arms, as well as paintings of old churches of Łutsk, among others.


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