Nican Church of St. Nicholas. Kyiv

Nican Church of St. Nicholas. Kyiv

Nagorna Ludmila
canva, oil, 70 x 80, Kyiv, 2006

Around 1640, in Kyiv, Podolia oo. The Dominicans built a brick church p.w. St. Nicholas. It was one of the largest and finest churches in the Diocese of Kyiv and Lucka. The temple was located opposite the main gate of the Florowski monestary. The architecture was typical late-Gothic, an aisled building with a vault in the shape of the cross and the three altars.

Unfortunately, not long did the church serve the faithful. In 1648, the Khmelnytsky uprising began and so began the mass destruction of Catholic churches and monasteries. However, the Dominican church met a different fate. Khmelnitsky gave it away in a proclamation on 11 January 1651, to the Orthodox Bracki monestary. Yet we know that the townspeople used the rooms of the Podolia church as an inn. By ukase from the Tsar in 1691, the former St. Nicholas church was placed under the management of the Metropolitan Kievian. In time, it was hailed as an Orthodox church p.w. Peter and Paul.

In the middle of the eighteenth century the church architecture had changed; it was rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian Baroque. In 1920, it was closed and was used as an archive room, and in the 1930’s had been destroyed altogether.


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