Dominican Church. Vinnytsa

Dominican Church. Vinnytsa

Nagorna Ludmila
canva, oil, 62 x 45, Kyiv, 2006

According to the data archive Agent Council for Religious Worship, in vineyard, the Dominican monastery and church of brick in the Baroque style was built in 1779, (before, in 1624, Dominicans built a wooden church), and as early as 1817, the tsarist authorities took it and pronounced it Orthodox, with the result being they changed its appearance (a bell tower was built.)

After World War II it served as the cathedral for the Orthodox Church, was closed at the request of the Orthodox bishop, as we read in a letter from The Bishop of Winnica to the Kyiv Metropolitan and Ukraine's Joan Exarch Gaelic.

In November 1962, the convent building, which adjoins the church, was used as a gym, living room, and warehouse for the population, while the room of the church served as an organ music hall.

Currently in the room of the former Dominican church is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate.


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