All Saints Church. Godovica

All Saints Church. Godovica

Popov Volodymyr
canva, oil, 80 x 60, Kyiv, 2007

All Saints Church was built by the project of Bernard Meretynt, in the years 1751-1758. Godowicka Temple is one of the finest achievements of Baroque in Lviv. Its interior was a complete work of art - architectural forms, rich architectonic decorations - create a wonderful whole. In the second half of the ХІХ-century, godowicka temple became a famous place of worship of Mary. Pilgrims flocked to the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Comfort.

The church is of brick, plastered, renovated in a cruciform plan with a shorter transept.. The main façade is devided by a double order of Corinthian pilasters. The Baroque pediment is finished with decorative stone vases. Walls and ceilings covered with frescoes, which performed at the end of ХVІІІ century, painter A. Roliński. The sculptures "Samson"and "The Sacrifice of Abraha," by Pinzla, a well-known sculptor, had great artistic value.

Godowicy Church is one of the best monuments of the Baroque, which today, unfortunately, is in ruins.


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