Church Dominicans. Podkamin

Church  Dominicans. Podkamin

Pryduvalova Olena
canva, oil, 85 x 70, Kyiv, 2006

At the turn of the ХVI - ХVII century in Pidkamin was a chapel with the miraculous image of Our Lady Podkamieńskiej (a copy of Our Lady of the Snows), through which the village has become one of the greatest Marian shrines in Red Ruthenia. The Holy image was cared for by the Dominicans, for whom the owner of this land built a temple and a monastery.

Wniebostąpienia church was built in the years 1612 - 1695, quite a long construction period due to the fact that in 1640 and in 1685 the vault was damaged. In 1708 the tower was added to the core area ​​, which, after five years, the watchmaker A. Zagajski prepared the clock. The baroque completion of the tower was executed by the project of P. Girzyckiego, in 1761.

The church was built of brick and stone; 3-naive, basilican, 8-beamed, with hexagonal apse and a square four-level tower arranged on the axis of the western front-end. The tower was finished with a Baroque lighthouse and sculptures. Rich decorative interior decorating, today represented by merely the frescoes, were accumulated over the ХVIII - ХІХ century.

In the years 1915 – 1916, at the time of World War I, the Dominican buildings were hard hit, a fire burned the precious works of art, and five thousand volumes of the library. The Dominicans were forced to leave the monastery in 1939, and at the time of World War II, Poles from all over Volhynia hid here. Since 1945, in the remanents of the dominican buildings, operated a psychiatric hospital for women. During the 90’s of the 20th century, the property was transferred to the Greek-Catholic group, the Studites.


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