Church of Sts. Nicholas. Vyzhnyany

Church of Sts. Nicholas. Vyzhnyany

Pryduvalova Olena
canva, oil, 70 x 85 Kyiv, 2006

The Church of Sts. Nicholas from the ХV century is one of the oldest in the region. Built at the cost of John and Margaret Klusów. In the first half the ХVІІ century was burned by the Cossacks, and in 1721 was rebuilt. In 1848 the Austrians were looking for hidden weapons, during which they destroyed the crypt with tombs of founders and benefactors of the parish. After World War II, the Soviet government used the church as a warehouse and now it has fallen to ruins.

The church of brick consists of a rectangular choir; a suare, four-beamed, 3-naive, square domed chapel. Adjacent to the north aisle and close to the square, a high, two-level tower. The pillars, joined by arches, are semicircular and in the shape of the cross. Styled in the Gothic, the main façade is completed with a high peak. The entrance is flanked by pilasters. On the left side of the entry rises a bell tower, topped with a four-sided lighthouse. The upper storey of the tower has arched recesses.

The monument belongs to the Galician School of Architecture.


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