Franciscan Church. Kamyanets-Podolski

Franciscan Church. Kamyanets-Podolski

Skrynnyk Alexander
canva, oil, 55 x 55, Kyiv, 2006

The Franciscan church belongs to the composition of buildings which were founded in the ХІV century. The temple was built in the years 1617-1972. Initially, the church was built in Gothic style as part as single-nave with three-walled altar, which created the eastern facade and two chapels on the side facades.

In the years 1692-1717 the nave was extended to the main facade. In the years 1753-1781 to the apse, a three-level bell tower was built in Baroque style and therefore changed the direction of the altar. The belltower and central entrance created the main façade; the interior - Narteks with gallery.

Building architecture combines the characteristic features of Podolia ХVІІ century Gothic-Renaissance style with baroque interpretation of the facades.

After the Kamyanets-Podolski went into the Russian Empire the franciscan church was tranferred to the Orthodox, who changed it to the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the monastery to the bishop quarters. At the time of World War II in the former Franciscan monastery was a cotton weaving mill, and in the temple an electro- facility arranged a foundry.

At present, the Franciscan church is functioning as a church of the Assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, and the monastery is in ruins.


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