Church in Chudnov

Church in Chudnov

Skrynnyk Alexander
canva, oil, 55 x 70, Kyiv, 2006

The parish church was built in Chudnov on the steep, stony shore of lake Teterewa at the beginning of the fifteenth century. Today, however, we do not know whether as a result of fire or ruined by Tatars the church did not serve the faithful very long. Shortly, in its place was built the nave of the temple. The new church was 3-nave, built in Baroque style, renovated in the ХVІІІ century. The main facade of this temple is divided by double pilasters painted in 1874 by N. Orda.

Inside the church were five altars, two of which had a quite high artistic value. One of them graced the old painting of St.. Francis, the second- the somewhat newer, Mother of God, painted by a young painter, a graduate of the Academy of Patersburgu.

Unfortunately, we do not have accurate information about the fate of the temple, we can only speculate that the temple used to exist till postrevolutionary times.


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