Church of the Holy Trinity. Berezhany

Church of the Holy Trinity. Berezhany

Skrynnyk Alexander
canva, oil, 60 x 80, Kyiv, 2007

The church was built simultaneously with the castle in 1554 at the cost of Russian governor and captain of the Crown Mikołaj Sieniawski. Initially, the temple was a square nave with porch in the plan. In the years 1619 - 1624 a chapel was added to the south-west nave, later a north-east chapelwas added. The chapels were Sieniawski family mausoleums. At the time of Austrian rule, in the castle were barracks, and the chapels stored vodka. Today, the church and castle are in complete ruin.

The spatial structure of the church was built on the model of Italian tombs of the ХVІ-ХVІІ century. The nave was vaulted in the shape of a cross, a porch - round. The facades of the nave and chapel are connected to the left of the common architectural décor in the Baroque style, which consists of the Corinthian order and the entablature. The main facade combines the features of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The right Chapel does not have architectural decor.

The Castle tomb-church is among the prominent landmarks of Renaissance style.


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