Church of the Holy Trinity. Stawysche

Church of the Holy Trinity. Stawysche

Skrynnyk Alexander
canva, oil, 70 x 100, Kyiv, 2007

Near the Branickich palace, on its right side, stood the splendid late-baroque brick church of the Holy Trinity. The temple was built on the site of the old wooden one, its founders were the captain of the Crown Francis Xavier Branicki and his wife. The cruciform plan church had a facade separated by pilasters, crowned with very tall square towers, which served as bell towers. Above the vaulted nave rose the dome with a lantern, which was on a high drum with rectangular windows. The interior was delightful beauty and splendor. The altars were made of kararijski marble. Three of them were adorned with paintings by Raphael and D. de Voltaire: "The Crucifixion", "Our Lady of Mount Caramel"and "St. Anthony, " which were painted by Roman Postęplowski in Rome. A true work of art in the temple were also the organs.

Today, there are merely pathetic traces of the magnifiscant work of art.


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