Church oo. Franciscans. Korets

Church oo. Franciscans. Korets

Sleta Oxana
canva, oil, 80 x 60, Kyiv, 2006

The church is in the baroque style, as well as the monastery. Franciscans built it with the funds of Castellan John Karol Korecki. After the suppression by the tsarist authorities in 1832, the Franciscan monastery and church was converted into a church and monastery of the Orthodox nuns. This state of affairs continues to this day.

The church was built in 1620, when it was handed to the Orthodox religion, the church was slightly altered. In the years 1863-1880 the western facade was crowned with a wooden octagon tower, decorated gables, and covered with a small hipped roof; on the eastern division of the central nave was erected a wooden decorative четверик, crowned with five minor peaks, and peeled window cornice. The brick building represents a three-aisled, four-beamed, semicircular basilica . The Eastern divisions of the side aisles have second floor, which creates a similarity of a transept in the inner space.

The interior space stresses an extended cornice, finishing the walls of the nave. The aisles are joined together with high arches. Paintings on the walls are from the late nineteenth century.

However, the quarters of the Franciscan monastery were rebuilt in the years 1863 - 1880.


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