Chapel of the Universiti of St. Vladimir. Kyiv

Chapel of the Universiti of St. Vladimir. Kyiv

Tverdoy Anatoly
canva, oil, 60x70, Kyiv, 2006

University of St. Vladimir was opened in Kyiv in 1834. It was created based on Krzemieniec High School, which after the November Uprising in the year 1831 had been terminated. Among university students, there were many Catholic Poles - and that is why the in 1836, Nicholas I helped decorate the temple for the University of Kyiv. First, it was located in a private building, and when the new building of the university was built, it was moved there. The chapel received as Patron Saint Nicholas, and was consecrated in 1836. According to the descriptions it was rather large - about 30 meters long and about 15 m in width. In the chapel were three altars, the principal of which contained the image of Jesus Christ and the tabernacle, the side altars had John the Evangelist and the Virgin Mary decorated with images of their portraits. All three images were painted by Charles Briułłowa. In the chapel were even pipe organs. University Catholic chapel was located in the north - western part of the university building, on the first floor.

It existed not long; in 1864, was abolished, although some reports indicate 1862, when the department of Catholic theology was closed.

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