Church of St. Nicholas. Kiev

Church of St. Nicholas. Kiev

Tverdoy Anatoly
canva, oil, 70 x 60, Kyiv, 2005

The ceremonial foundation stone of the temple took place on August 4, 1899. The work lasted from 1899 to 1909, the management and supervision over the construction was done by known architect Vladislav Gorodetsky.

A large three-nave temple, in the Gothic style, with two towers, lancet 62 m. high, inside of which was finished extensively with marble. Among the many marble statues, made in the famous studio of E. Sala, particularly impressive was a large statue of Christ and the Virgin Mary. The greatest ornament of the temple is considered unique stained glass windows, on which is presented St. Nicholas and scenes of the Annunciation, Baptism, and Ressurection, which in the Soviet era were savagely destroyed.

In 1933 the church was closed and turned into storage for vegetables. After the war, the church stored the archives of Soviet Ukraine government. In 1979, the church was used as a House of Organ and Chamber Music; and for this purpose it is used today, despite the numerous request by the faithful to restore the temple.


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