Klarysek Church. Lviv

Klarysek Church. Lviv

Voronowich Malgorzata
canva, oil, 80 x 60, Warsaw, 2007

Klarysek church was built in Lviv in 1607. Unfortunately we do not have data on the archetechtural plans. Analyzing the architectural shapes and decoration researchers consider its architect to be Paul Roman. After 1760 the church interior was decorated with frescoes by the painter Martin Stroiński. They had been partly destroyed in 1898, only the ceilings were preserved.

The appearance of the present church is due to the work of restoration and construction between 1938-1939. The tower was then built.

The monument is 3-naive with straight apse and a high tower on the facade. The north facade has a classical order system of Doric frieze and pilasters.

Today the church houses the Museum of sculptural art by G. Pinzela.


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