Dominican Church. Tulchyn

Dominican Church. Tulchyn

Voronowich Malgorzata
canva, oil, 80 x 60, Warsaw 2007

A brick church was built in Tulczyn for Dominicans in 1784 at the cost of Szczesny Potocki. As a result of the repression after the November Uprising in 1833, the Dominican monastery was closed, and the temple was transferred to the Orthodox Church. During Soviet power the Dominican monestary was turned into warehouses and offices, and after World War II, the temple turned into a music school.

The temple built in the style of early classicism, brick, 3-nave, 8-collumn semi-circle apse, jednokopułowa basilica with a transept.

The interior was finished in the order of Corinthian.

During the 90’s of the XX-century the temple was passed to the orthodox.


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