Church St. Mary Magdalene. Lviv

Church  St. Mary Magdalene. Lviv

Zavalny Mykhajlo
marker, ink-brush, 47 x 53, Kyiv 2006

The church St. Mary Magdalene is one of the most beautiful monuments in Lviv and is a reminder of early Baroque architecture. It was built between 1600-1635 for the Dominicans. The first builders of the temple were John Worthy and Albert kelar. In the second half of the ХVІІ century the church had suffered from fire and the recovery time was extended by the extension work on the aisles. Another modification made by the architect A. Urbanik was completed in 1754 and its effect has been an altered façade, a tower was built, and the outside was adorned with sculptures of saints, made by S. Fessingera.

In 1879 church towers received a Baroque finish.

The most valuable part of the sanctuary building was done before the year 1630. Preserved is its original decoration of the altar, which is decorated with scenes from the life of the church patron.

The building represents a three-aisled basilica with extended six-beamed choir and apse of the system of prismatic cross-shaped vaults. Adjacent to the church are buildings of the former monastery.

In the 60’s of the ХХ century, the building was converted into a organ hall of the Lviv Conservatory in the name of Lysenko, and a peripheral conservatory. Today in the church, on Sunday, Masses are celebrated, but for celebrations and holidays on weekdays, the faithful should receive the permission from the city. The pride of the temple is the largest set of organs in Ukraine authority, which the city considers to be its property and wants to take them from the faithful.


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