Vincent Pallotti

(1795 - 1850) 

Vincent Pallotti was born in Rome on 21 April 1795, the third of ten children of Magdalena and Peter Paul Pallotti. Six siblings died in infancy, seen off by their parents with regret, but with faith: God has given! God took!

Vincent in the sixth year of age enrolled in school. After graduating, he tried to join the Capuchin Order. His parents were the benefactors of this order, the mother, who died in 1827, lies in the Capuchin Church on the Via Veneto. However, on the advice of the confessor, because of ill health, resigned from the law, but did not resign from the priesthood.

Seeing clearly their way of life, Vincent, in autumn 1807, he enrolled in the College of Rome. , Graduating in 1813, taking minor orders in 1811, since the autumn of 1814, Pallotti studied philosophy and theology at the University of Rome Sapienza, while attending lectures in science, higher mathematics, history and law. At the same time in those years ran deep inner life, as evidenced by his spiritual journal. Become a holy priest for him was a matter of infinitely more important than being a priest scholar. He was ordained to the priesthood was higher prior to the Basilica of the Lateran in Rome. On 16 May 1818 in the same temple received coveted ordained.

Passing this human idea of writing in its Official that the infinite goodness of my beloved Father deigned in a wonderful way to look at me and carry me to honor the priesthood ... Please, all the creatures that I thanked God for the inestimable grace of vocation ... I pray God that made me a tireless worker.

On 15 July 1818, he graduated from university Pallotti, obtaining doctorates in philosophy and theology. Vincent's priestly life was characterized by two traits: focus and activity. When he prayed, God gave the world when he was walking down the street, he carried God's world.

The first year of priesthood Pallotti devoted mainly young people, among whom he had worked during their studies, bringing the spiritual and material assistance. A continuation of the work for youth was the adoption by Fr. Pallotti in 1819 for a period of ten years, the position of coach at the University of Sapienza. Since 1829, for thirteen years he was a clergyman of the Roman Seminary. At the end of 1834, he was appointed rector of the church of Santo Spirito, Via Giulia. He held this position until February 1846, he founded the Unification Here Catholic Apostolate, which is an integral part of the Society of Catholic Apostolate, approved July 11, 1835 by Pope Gregory XVI; here since 1836, the Octave of Epiphany celebrations urządzał.

In 1837 he began an effort to establish the College Mission and orphanage for children and young women, who became the occasion for the creation of the Congregation of the Sisters. Despite overwork and disease adopted in 1842 was nominated as a military chaplain in Rome, and two years later, the hospital chaplains Cento Preti. An important moment in the life of Fr. Pallotti was to him in 1844 by the Holy See for the Society of Catholic Apostolate pofranciszkańskiego church and monastery of San Salvatore in Onda in Via Pettinari, g day today is the General Board of the Association.

Wincenty Pallotti died in holiness on January 22, 1850 One hundred years later, on 2 January 1950, Pope Pius XII named him among the blessed. His body was not decayed, was placed in a crystal sarcophagus in mens main altar in the church of San Salvatore in Onda in Rome. Pope John XXIII on 20 of January 1963, ia, during the Second Vatican Council, announced the blessed saint Vincent Pallotti.

Prayer for the simplification of graces through the intercession of St. Vincent Pallotti

O Glorious St. Vincent, full confidence in your intercession I turn to you and invite your help and your agency in my current needs.

You who have received so many graces from God, and when asked not to have dziękowałeś if you received them, obtain for me … , God's grace for which I beg, if it is compatible with the sacred will of God. I may become worthy of hearing this, I ask, offer you the same for me, heavenly Father most holy blood of Jesus Christ, the merits and mediation of the Blessed Virgin, all the angels and saints. Amen.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.